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For the 20th Anniversary of Laforet Museum, Harajuku, Tokyo, Chris was one of the hundred prior artists exhibited there who was asked to create a time capsule, enclosing within a glass encasement, items that might define a present day Tokyo on a future unearthing. The lyricist selected his many notebooks into which he daily pours forth – vast tracks of elliptical imagery transcribed from an irradiation that he feels the city pours down upon him. Together with these was his collection of pens, especially used in the writing of specific projects: the naughty nude nib for The Erotic Odes, the alien emblazoned ball-point for Thrills in Voidville.

aorta avenue

Chris’s poem Aorta Avenue wins the Colorado Festival of Literature Grand Prize for Poetry (2000). Based on the great highway artery, the 246, that winds its way through Tokyo, and the characters peopled on it, the poem is a neo-ecclesiastical rant “jacked up on void noise, eel fevers, stupor juice, drunken rumbas and birth glows.” It is included in the collections of Splatterhead and City of Song: The Incendiary Arias.

An excerpt:

Jewels will stud the cheekbones, swoon-stones the lips
The drinkers of darkness will swell with light
While those who recite the Ruckus Catechism will be immune
To the beautiful jackal bullets and the Kingpins of Spite
And I will pass in long strides over Aorta Avenue
Combing little frenzies into my crown
Sharing where the static songlets live
And the quivering atomic constellations shine down

I bless you with the sign of the Golden Rampage Fountain
Spilling the Tribes of Blather
I bless you with the sign of Un-girded Delirium, Mouth Ziggurats, Scream Realms
I bless you with the sign of the Recipes for the Steaming Hormone Pie
I bless you with the sign of the Blizzard Tunnels through the Visceral Homeland
I bless you with the sign of Mother Volatility with her Passions Geysers Howling
I bless you with the sign of the Three Hundred Finned Elation Jacket
worn by Kid Cataclysm


In conjunction with the American publication of SPLATTERHEAD: The Songlines of Chris Mosdell, (Emerson’s Eye Press, April, 2001) the lyricist took his "tongue-drum delirium" on tour down Ruckus Road. In league with the incorrigible cohorts of chaos, The Oblivion Brotherhood – DJ E23 and the Sultan of Shibuya, visual activist devslashdull (godhead gurus of radiovalve.com) Chris performed a series of bombardment debacles at selected venues across the States, including New York’s CBGB’s, The Living Lounge and The Gathering of the Tribes; Denver’s Performing Arts Center and the Mercury Café; BmoCA (Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art) and the national slam mecca, Taos.

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